How it works?

FAQ - Frequently Asqued Questions

Here some important questions and answers

  • Can I arrive before the check-in time?

    The flats are available from 16.00 onwards: earlier arrivals will be possible depending on cleaning times, but cannot be guaranteed.

  • Can I leave before the check-out time (09.00 am), during the agency's closing time?

    It is possible to vacate the accommodation before the check out time in agreement with the agency on the previous day.

  • Can I host friends in the accommodation I have booked?

    It is possible to host friends as long as the number of beds available is not exceeded; it is necessary to notify the agency and provide identification documents.

  • Is the kitchen equipped with dishes, plates, etc.?

    The kitchen is equipped with dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, broom, mop, clothesline. Cleaning products are not provided. For bed linen and towels please refer to the info for each accommodations.

  • If necessary, how and when can I contact the agency during my stay?

    For every need we are available at the following telephone numbers: 0565-705210 - office hours 338 7806908 - starting from 09.00 and until 20.00.

  • Can the agency or the owner enter the apartment without my authorization?

    The agency or the owner is obliged to give notice in case they need to visit the flat. If the client is not reachable, they are authorized to enter only in case of emergency or very strict necessity.